Pine Island Mulberries are now in season!

"With time and patience the Mulberry becomes satin."  Maltible Davenport Babcock

Mexican sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia)


Next Regular Meeting 
 Thursday, May 20, 2021 
Social distancing seating sans refreshments
Social Time 9:00 am, Meeting Starts 9:30 am 
Meetings are held at  Fishers of Men Lutheran Church 
10306 Stringfellow Road, St. James City 
  Masks still required😷

              Photo of Mexican sunflower               Tithonia diversifolia

April 15, 2021

Pine Island Garden Club Meeting

Pine Island Elementary School Project

On Wed the 21st at 3:30 the Pine Island Garden Club is invited to tour the school grounds as part of our Pine Island Elementary School Project to create some new gardens on the grounds. Dr. Millins addressed the Pine Island Garden Club and we agreed to help the school. 

March 18, 2021 
 Jessica Davis and Carter Davis 


March 6, 2021
Duck Waddle Restaurant Award Ceremony and Raffle Drawing at LOW KEY TIKI

The winner of the Calusa Land Trust's 2021 Most Popular Duck Waddle Restaurant is LOW KEY TIKI! Woohoo!  The the other participating restaurants all did great! The Pine Island Garden Club volunteers sold 2,693 of the 3000 available tickets! That's phenomenal for a Raffle without a Race!  Members can all be proud of the fact that we raised $13,465 for Calusa Land Trust. Thanks again for all of your support, we couldn't do any of this without you!   Alice, Queen Waddler 



Garden Plant Exchange February 20, 2021 

February Meeting 

Thank you


Our Mission is to aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources, encourage civic beauty and roadside beautification, stimulate the study of the fine art of gardening, and cooperate with the other agencies in furthering the interests of horticulture and conservation.      


Dues are $25.00 per year for individuals and $45.00 for a couple. First time guests are welcomed without charge; a second attendance at a charge of $5.00. Further attendance will require membership in the club and the second attendance fee will be credited towards the membership dues. 
The Pine Island Garden Club is a working club and each member is expected to serve on a Refreshment Committee and a Standing Committee. 
Members are required to bring their own coffee cups to meetings for refreshments. This follows our philosophy of doing our part to protect our environment from unnecessary waste. 
 Minutes/Treasurer's reports are emailed to members.

Pine Island Garden Gala 

There will not be Garden Gala in 2021 due to COVID-19.
Gala Chairperson Beth Smith Gala Email is

Plant Exchange

Annual Garden Sale
Featuring Native Plants
Tropicals and Exotics
Garden Decor

Calendar of Events

March 18, 2021 
Club Meeting
 April 15, 2021 
Club Meeting
May 20, 2012 
Club Meeting
Other Dates To Remember
May 31, 2021
LAST DAY TO PAY DUES for oncoming year.


            PINE ISLAND GARDEN CLUB                            Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, except June, July and August                                                                                                                                 9:00 am Social; 9:30 am Meeting                                                                                                                                      Fishers of Men Evangelical Lutheran Church                    10360 Stringfellow Road 
Saint James City, FL 33956

Our promise

to aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources, encourage civic beauty and roadside beautification, stimulate the study of the fine art of gardening, and cooperate with the other agencies in furthering the interests of horticulture and conservation. 
2021 Officers 
Marty Kendall 
First Vice President 
Liz Duchaine 
Second Vice President 
Beth Smith 
Ass’t 2nd VP 
John Kendall 
Recording Secretary 
Carol Mullin 
Ass’t Recording Secretary 
John Kendall 
Corresponding Secretary 
Paula Bruckner 
Barb Riordan 
Ass’t Treasurer 
Joan Rosenberg 
Ways & Means 
Liz Duchaine
Claudia Tytula 
Alice Trant 
Valerie Fors 
Darlene Widirstky
Margaret Bergsten 
John Kendall 
Field Trips 
Kathleen Hecksher

How you can help


* designates Chairperson

Garden Park

*Kathy Chumley       Sharon Tondreau, Assistant Chairperson  Physically maintain Phillips Park grounds.
Michael Adams                   Holly Aldrich                 Margaret Bergsten.           James Friedlander           Marcia Gobble                   Barb Hanson                     Cheryl King                         Tracie Lewis                       Amy Lynch                         Sher Lucas                         Susan Patchett                   Jan Robertson                     Joan Rosenberg                 Linda Sierra                       Beth Smith, Herb Smith     Mary Stevens                     Alice Trant                         Kathy Weinberger             Molly Whitney                   Field Trips        *Kathleen Hescke              Kay Castleberry.              Barbara Hansen                  Judy Knowlto                  Theresa Pote                  Greeters               *Darlene Widirstky        Greet members and guests, provide name tags for guests.
 Bonnie Eskra                      Nancy Kraft, Barb Kuntz    Ginny Penzi                        Susan Schroeder                Phyllis Schivisky                  Jean Walsh      Holiday Party   *Bonnie Kellen                 *Susan Schroeder
 Bonnie Eskra                    Shirley Glen                        Alice Trant        Publicity                    *John Kendall              Publicize events and activities of the club          Herb Smith        Sound&AV System               *John Kendall,                 Linda Kutney              

Plant Therapy

*Marilyn Moore                  Bring plants to and visit with shut-ins and area residents in nursing homes.                   September:                        Marilyn Moore                    Kay  Castleberry              October:                               Mary Reich                          Barb  Riordan                    November:                             Shirley Glenn                      Lidia  Grishakora            December:                            Joan Rosenberg                 Alice  Trant                           January:                             Valerie Fors                         Linda  Koogler      February:                           Karen Okeson                     Kay  Wickham                    March:                                    Susan  Schroeder                Bonnie  Kellen                    April:                                 Beth Smith                          Herb Smith                        May: Dolores  Sansone      Peter Nervo              Ways & Means  
 Organize/ fund raisers including monthly plant raffle.  *Holly Aldrich         Gayle Allegro
Marti Carss                         Liz Duchaine                       Bonne Eskra                       Christine Jensen                 Katie Lengyel                     Nancy Kennedy                   Diane Maher                       Donna Reynolds               Dolores Sansone                 Susan Schroeder             Claudia Tytula  Photography         *Sher Lucas                      Record events for historian, take member photos.                    Margaret Bergsten           Jim Friedlander                 Jay Reynolds                       Molly Whitney   


*Marti Carss                        Maintain the Museum grounds.
Michael Adams, Margret Bergsten, Nancy Carlson, Kay Castleberry, Susan Dahod, Paul Freas, Jim Friedlander, Shirley Glenn, Joanne Jarocki Klaus Kment, Mary Rose Kramak, Tracie Lewis, Sher Lucas, Amy Lynch, Carol Noble, Karen Okeson, Susan Patchett, Elaine Reiber, Mary Reich, Nancy Ruedi Linda Sierra, Julie Smith       Kathy Weinberger               Kay Wickham Assignment to Working Committee               *Susan Schroede       Valerie Fors               Bonnie Kellen                   Marty Kendall               Barb Riordan                       Alice Trant                 Darlene Widirstky  Audit                   *John Kendall               Carol Mullin                 Donna Reynolds  Website/ FaceBook - Create presence on the internet Valerie Fors,                     Victoria Krouch                   Yearbook  Publish annual book noting members and activities.   Valerie Fors                       Joan Rosenberg               Alice Trant                 Victoria Krouch                 Membership            *Alice Trant                   Joyce Bieber                   Marty Kendall                 Joyce Lake                       Carol Mullin               Theresa Pote                   Beth Smith                     Mary Stevens    


*Ron Brendel           Bonnie Kellen               Marty Kendall             Klaus Kment                   Joyce Lake                       Jay Reynolds                   John Saccucci             Donna Schneider           Gary Schneider         Darlene Widirstky               Paul Dinger                P.I.E. Outreach   *Darlene Widirstk              Cheryl King                          Barb Riordan                      Susan Schroeder                Gala                                  *Beth Smith                         John Kendall                       Marcia Gobble                  Bake Sale/Coffee               *Marti Carss                       Kay Wickham  Demonstrations                 *Marty Kendall                  Plant Table                       *Kathy Weinberger              Publicity                             *John Kendall                    Raffle Areas                    *Bonnie Kellen                    *Claudia Tytula                  Raffle - Prizes                    *Membership                     Tickets                                  Joyce Bieber                        Raffle - Wheel                    *Alice Trant                          Set Up/Take Down      *Marty and John Kendall  Traffic/Parking                   *Cheryl King                      Water/Soda                        *Jan Robertston                Ways & Means                    *Carol Nelson                    Ask the Expert                   *Ron Brendel                      Author's Corner              *Marty Kendall                Children’s Table                *Susan Dahod                Banners/Signs                   *Liz Duchaine                    Security                          *Elizabeth Hooper



Pine Island Garden Club Plants

Pine Island Garden Club 
Membership Information

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Pine Island Garden Club shall be to aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources, encourage civic beauty and roadside beautification, promote the fine art of gardening, and cooperate with other agencies in furthering the interests of horticulture and conservation.
RESPONSIBILITIES: THE Pine Island Garden Club is a working club and all members are expected to participate in club projects. Because we all want our programs and projects to be successful, there are general expectations of each member. These expectations include:
1. To pay annual membership dues;
2. To serve as an active member of one standing committee;
3. To serve on one refreshment committee.
In addition, there are specific expectations for the annual Garden Gala, our only fundraiser. Those are:
4. To donate:
a. At least one or more healthy potted plants for the plant table.
b. Baked goods for the bake sale table.
5. To work a minimum of a two hour shift the day of the Gala, or work a minimum of
two hours prior to the Gala assisting with preparation activities.
MEETINGS: Meetings are heid on the third Thursday of each month, excluding June, July and August, at the Fishers of Men Evangelical Lutheran Church located at 10360 Stringfellow Road.
Social time begins at 9:00 a.m. followed by the meeting at 9:30 a.m.
Renewal - Dues for a single membership are $25.00 per year, couple membership dues are $45.00 per year. The $25.00 single or $45.00 couple dues renewal must reach the Membership Secretary by the end of May, or a late fee of $10.00 will be charged.
First-time Member Dues if a new member is joining September through February, the dues will be the same as renewal dues with an added charge of $5.00 for the required nametag. Thus the total initial cost will be $30.00 for a single membership and $55.00 for a couple's membership.
If the new member is joining March through May, the dues for the present year will be half the regular amount ($12.50 single + $5 name tag, $22.50 couple + $10 nametags), but the dues for the next year will be collected at the same time. The total will be $42.50 for a single membership and $77.50 for a couple. There will be a $5.00 fee for a lost nametag.
Guests - Guests will be welcomed at their first attendance at no charge; a second attendance
requires a payment of $5.00. Further attendance will require membership in the Club. The second
attendance payment will be credited toward the membership fee.
I have read the above and will be an active participant in the Garden Club.
TO JOIN:                                                                               Signature____________________________________
Print Name___________________________________


We love plants

E-Mail the President at
                                          or call  Marty Kendall       239.283.8175
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