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Executive Officers

General Information

Membership Expectations


Membership Directory

for direct online access email  or  tel:(941) 698-5000


Refreshment Committees

Past Presidents

Annual Garden Gala

Gala History and Photos


Field Trips

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2021—2022  Officers

President Marty Kendall


First Vice President Liz Duchaine 

Second Vice President Beth Smith 

Assistant 2nd Vice President John Kendall


Recording Secretary Carol Mullin

Assistant Recording Secretary Cheryl King

Corresponding Secretary TBD


Treasurer Barb Riordan

Assistant Treasurer Joan Rosenberg


Ways & Means Liz Duchaine & Nancy Kennedy


Membership Alice Trant


Parliamentarian Kathleen Hecksher


Historian Darlene Widirstky & Margaret Bergsten


Publicity John Kendall

General Information

Club Purpose

The purpose of this club is to aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources, encourage civic beauty and roadside beautification, stimulate the study of the fine art of gardening, and cooperate with other agencies in furthering the interests of horticulture and conservation.  


Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, except June, July, August and December at  Fishers of Men Evangelical Lutheran Church, 10360 Stringfellow Road.  9:00 am Social; 9:30 am Meeting.                                               


Dues are $25.00 per year for individuals and $45.00 for a couple.  Dues need to be paid by the end of MAY.  First time guests are welcomed without charge; a second    attendance at a charge of $5.00. Further attendance will require membership in the club and the second attendance fee will be credited towards the membership dues.                                                         

The Pine Island Garden Club is a working club and each member is expected to serve on a Refreshment Committee and a Standing Committee.   Members—Please bring your own coffee cup to meetings for refreshments.  This follows our philosophy of doing our part to protect our environment from unnecessary waste.

Membership Expectations

The Pine Island Garden Club is a working garden and service organization.  Because we all want our programs and projects to be successful, there are general expectations of each member.  
These expectations include:


Pay annual membership dues;
    Dues must be paid by end of MAY. 


Serve as an active member on one standing committee;


Serve on one refreshment committee;     
In addition, there are specific expectations for the annual  Garden Gala, our only fundraiser.
These are:

     A: One or more healthy potted plants for the plant table,
     B: Baked goods for the bake sale table.


Work a two hour shift the day of the Gala, or work two        
    hours prior to the Gala assisting with the preparation 

Cover Photo:  
A Bromlaid in the yard of Barb Riordan.  Can you find the green frog?


Pine Island Garden Club By-laws

Revised 1979, 1987, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010,  2012, 2014, 2016 and 2020

Article 1 - Name

The name of this club shall be Pine Island Garden Club. This club was organized April 23, 1975.  Installing officer was Mrs. Robert Stewart of the Caloosahatchee Garden Club.

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of the club shall be to aid in the protection and conservation of our natural resources, encourage civic beauty and roadside beautification, promote the fine art of gardening, and cooperate with other agencies to further the interests of horticulture and conservation.

Article III - Membership

The membership shall not be less than (15) and shall be made up of residents of Greater Pine Island and its environs.  There shall be three classes of membership.  A person shall be admitted to regular membership   upon payment of dues.  Upon a person’s membership exceeding twenty years they shall become a Life Member and be exempt from payment of dues.  Upon decision by the officers of the club a person may be awarded Honorary Membership recognizing their continued special contributions to the club or the world of horticulture.  Such membership is exempt from dues. 


Article IV - Officers and Their Duties

Section 1 

The officers of this club shall be President, First Vice President. 2nd Vice President, Assistant to 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary, Correspondence Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Parliamentarian, Historian, Chairperson of Ways & Means, and Publicity Chairperson.  At the January meeting of each even-numbered year, a slate of officers will be presented by the Nominating Committee and nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Voting will take place in March.  Installation of officers will take place in April.  Officers will take over their  positions at the end of the May meeting.

Section 2

It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the club and at the meetings of executive officers as listed in the year book.  The President is an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.  The President shall be the official representative of the club at all meetings where a representative is required, with an alternate to be appointed by the President when necessary.  Further, at the September meeting each year, the President or Treasurer shall submit a budget for the approval of not less than two-thirds of the members present at the meeting.

Section 3

It shall be the duty of the First Vice President to preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, and to act as Program Committee chairperson, being responsible for programs or   activities for each membership meeting.
 Section 4  

It shall be the duty of the Second Vice President to act as chairperson of the Gala.  The Assistant to the Second Vice  President shall assist the Second Vice President in the organization of the Gala.          

Section 4a  

The office of Gala Consultant shall be filled by the previous Second Vice President and shall assist in the planning and organization of the Gala utilizing their previous Gala experience.

Section 5  

It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to record and preserve the minutes of all meetings.  These minutes shall be the property of the club.  A section of this Minute Book shall contain a typewritten copy of the by-laws.  The Assistant  Recording Secretary shall fulfill the duties of the Recording    Secretary when required.  The Assistant Recording Secretary shall chair the Nominating/Assignment Committee.

Section 6   

It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to handle all correspondence pertaining to the club.

Section 7   

The duty of the Treasurer is to receive, make and record all   receipts and disbursements of money as approved by the club and present a report at each business meeting.  The Treasurer shall also prepare and file all club financial statements, annual budget and tax returns. The Assistant Treasurer shall fulfill the duties of the Treasurer when required.

Section 8  

The Membership Secretary shall keep records of active members, including addresses, collect annual dues and order name tags.                           
 Section 9 

The Chairperson of Ways & Means shall serve as an officer of the club and shall organize fundraisers to benefit the club including the monthly plant raffle but excluding the Gala.

Section 10   

The Publicity Chairperson shall serve as an officer of the club and shall write publicity regarding club activities, including  meetings and the Gala. 

Section 11   

The Parliamentarian shall be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order and attend all meetings.

Section 12  

The Historian shall maintain a record of the club’s functions and history.

Section 13 

The President shall appoint replacements for all officer  vacancies as they arise, subject to Executive Board approval.

Section 14   

Club officers and Honorary Members are excused from serving on the Refreshment Committee unless called upon.


Article V - Committees

Section 1 

The following committees shall be considered as elected Standing Committees:
A.  Executive Board shall be composed of the officers of the club with the President acting as chairperson.
B. Nominating/Assignment Committee shall consist of four or more members to be appointed by the President for the upcoming two-year period.

Section 2   

The President shall appoint members to special committees not normally covered by standing committees.

Article VI - Duties of Committees

Section 1 

The Executive Board shall have the power to act in the best interest of the Club.  This board may meet prior to or after monthly Garden Club meetings as necessary. Members of the Garden Club may take suggestions to any Executive Board meeting but will not  be entitled to vote. All proposed expenditures will be brought to the Executive Board for approval.  Membership will be informed of actions of the Executive Board at the next meeting. Any board approved expenditure over $150.00 shall be brought before the membership for a vote.

Section 2  

The Nominating/Assignment Committee shall, at the January meeting of each even-numbered year, submit a slate of officers for the ensuing two years.  This slate will be presented at the January meeting and will include nomination from the floor.  The vote for officers will take place at the March meeting and installation will be at the April meeting.  Further, the Committee shall continue to serve during the two-year term of office in    order to assist the President in filling any vacancies.


Article VII - Rules and Regulations

Rule 1

The fiscal year of the Pine Island Garden Club shall be from July 1 through June 30.


Rule 2

Annual dues to the Pine Island Garden Club shall be $25.00.  Annual dues for a couple’s membership shall be $45.00.

Rule 3

Guests will be welcomed at their first attendance at no charge. Further attendance will require membership in the Club and the second fee of $5.00 will be credited   towards the membership fee.

Rule 4  

These Pine Island Garden Club By-laws shall be read every year the Executive Board.

Rule 5  

Regular monthly meetings will be held on the third Thursday of each month, September through May. This day may be changed a the discretion of the President provided notice is given to the membership.

Article VIII

Section 1

The Rules and Regulations as adopted by this Club shall be considered a part of these By-Laws.

Section 2

Recommendations for changes in the Rules and  Regulations shall be made to the Executive Board.

Section 3

The Club follows “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

Article IX - Amendments

The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote of those present.

Article X 

Disposition of Assets

In the event of the dissolution of the club, any assets remaining after payment of all outstanding obligations will be donated to the Calusa Land Trust.

Pine Island Garden Club Committees


Assign Club Members to working committees  

*Cheryl King  239.699.9058, Bonnie Kellen, Marty Kendall, Barb Riordan,  Alice Trant, Darlene Widirstky


*John Kendall  239.283.8175,  Carol Mullin

Field Trips

 Arrange trips to interesting botanical sites    

*Kathleen Hecksher   239.283.8633, Rosemary Greer, Barbara Hasen, Marilyn Moore,  Jeanine Viviano, Mike Viviano

Annual Gala

See page 29.

Community Garden Projects

*Susan Dahod, Holly Aldrich, Christina Buntin, Kathy Chumley, Jessica Davis,Andrea Dekker, Jim Friedlander, Marty Kendall, Cheryl King, Carol Noble, Barb Riordan, Patricia Sullivan, Sharon Tondreau, Jennifer Troia, Jeanine Viviano, Mike Viviano, Lisa Waller, Kathy Weinberger, Laura White, Darlene Widirstky

Garden Park

Physically maintain Phillips Park grounds

*Kathy Chumley & Cheryl King, Michael Adams, Holly Aldrich,  Margaret Bergsten, Joyce Bieber, Jim Friedlander, Marcia Gobble, Tracie Lewis, Amy Lynch, Maryann Miles, Nancy Reed, Jan Robertson, Joan Rosenberg, Beth Smith, Herb Smith, Mary Stevens, Sharon Tondreau, Alice Trant, Kathy Weinberger


Greet members and guests, provide name tags for guests      

*Darlene Widirstky 239.558.5618, Joanne Jarocki, Katie Lengyel, Marilyn Moore, Carol Mullin, Nancy Ruedi, Susan Schroeder

Holiday Party 

*Bonnie Kellen,  Joyce Bieber, Barb Riordan, Alice Trant


*Joyce Lake & Darlene Widirstky, Michael Adams, Andrea Dekker, Melonnie Hartl, Bonnie Kellen, Marty Kendall, Candace Pastore, Donna Schneider, Jeanine Viviano, Mike Viviano


Maintain member roster, collect dues, order name tags  

*Alice Trant  239.243.6381, Melonnie Hartl, Joanne Jarocki, Joyce Lake,  Mary Stevens

Museum Grounds 

Physically maintain the museum grounds                       

*Marti Cars  239.282.1121,  Michael Adams, Christina Buntin, Kathy Chumley, Jessica Davis, Andrea Dekker, Jim Friedlander, Tracie Lewis, Sher Lucas, Amy Lynch, Carol Noble,  Karen Okeson, Candace Pastore, Nancy Ruedi, Patricia Sullivan, Linda Sierra, Mary Stevens, Lisa Waller, Kathy Weinberger, Kay Wickham, Laura White


Record events for the historian, take member photos                     

*Margaret Bergsten  617.774.7288, Sher Lucas, Victoria Krouch

Plant Therapy

Take plants to visit with shut-ins and area residents in nursing homes                    

*Marilyn Moore    239.283.4333
September:  Beth Smith, Herb Smith
October:  Paula Bruckner, Marilyn Moore
November:  Jennifer Troia
December:  Joan Rosenberg, Alice Trant 
January:  Julie Stein, Nancy Reed
February:  Rosemary Greer, Marilyn Moore
March:  Kay Wickham 
April:  Nancy Kennedy, Patricia Sullivan
May:  Barb Riordan, Dolores Sansone
SUMMER:  Bonnie Kellen, Alice Trant


Publicize events and activities of the club 

*John Kendall     239.283.8175, Herb Smith, Jill Weaver


See monthly listings on page 30.

Technical Systems

*John Kendall  239.283.8175, Marty Kendall, Cheryl King  

Ways and Means

Organize fund raisers including monthly plant raffle             

*Liz Duchaine  239.470..1072, *Nancy Kennedy, Joyce Bieber, Andrea Dekker, Katie Lengyel, Diane Maher, Carol Jo Nelson, Dolores Sansone                                                                                                                                                                                                         
 Website, Facebook

          Create presence on the Internet              

*Victoria Krouch  941.698.5000, Paul Dinger, Cheryl King


Publish an annual book noting members and activities   

*Victoria Krouch  941-698-5000, Paul Dinger, Joanne Jarocki, Barb Riordan, Joan Rosenberg, Alice Trant

Annual Gala Committees 2022 
*Beth Smith    410.336.0262
*John Kendall  239.283.8175

Organize the annual fund raiser held in the Garden Park: 
The following are GALA Standing Committees.
More Volunteers are always needed.  Chairpersons are listed.

Bake Sale & Coffee

Marti Carss, Kay Wickham

Plant Table

Kathy Weinberger


John Kendall 

Raffle Table 

Bonnie Kellen, Joyce Bieber  

Raffle Wheel

 Alice Trant

Silent Auction

To be determined.


Cheryl King

Set Up/Take Down

John Kendall, Marty Kendall

Water & Soda 

Jan Robertson

Ways & Means

Liz Duchaine, Nancy Kennedy

Ask the Expert

Ron Brendel 

Children’s Table

 Susan Dahod, Kathleen Hecksher, Kathy Chumley


 Liz Duchaine


Elizabeth Hooper/Nadia 

Master of Ceremony

     Herb Smith   



Monthly co-Chairs are responsible to provide coffee, drinks and snacks for meetings.
An outline of duties is in an envelope which is transferred to one of the monthly Chairs. 
   If unable to work assigned month, you areresponsible for trading with someone else and notifying monthly chairs of the change. 
      *Denotes monthly Co-Chairs

September 16, 2021
*Barb Riordan, Paul Dinger, Liz Duchaine, Victoria Krouch, Diane Maher, Julie Stein, Alice Trant

October 14, 2021 
* Carol Noble   239.283.3829, Marti Carss, Nancy Kennedy, Joyce Lake, Marilyn Moore, Nancy Ruedi, Dolores Sansone, Patricia Sullivan

November 18, 2021
*Maryann Miles, Holly Aldrich, Christina Buntin, Barbara Hansen,  Bonnie Kellen, Sher Lucas, Linda Sierra, Jennifer Troia

December 9, 2021 —HOLIDAY PARTY
Misto’s in Cape Coral
*Bonnie Kellen  239.283.8677 

January 20, 2022 
*Donna and Gary Schneider 
Jim Friedlander, Marcia Gobble,  Marty and John  Kendall, Tracie Lewis, Carol Mullin, Karen Okeson, Jan Robertson, Mary Stevens, Kathy Weinberger

February 17, 2022
*Kathleen Heckscher 
Michael Adams, Denise Cwalina, Jessica Davis, Andrea Dekker, Melonnie Hartl, Amy Lynch,   
Candace Pastore, Laura White, Victoria Krouch, Paul Dinger

March 17, 2022
*Margaret Bergsten 
Rosemary Greer, Joanne Jarocki, Katie Lengyel, 
Carol Jo Nelson, Mike and Jeanine Viviano,  Kay Wickham

April 21, 2022 
*Beth and Herb Smith 
Joyce Bieber, Ron Brendel, Susan Schroeder, Lisa Waller,   Darlene Widirstky

May 19, 2022 
*Cheryl King, Kathy Chumley 
Nancy Reed, Joan Rosenberg, Sharon Tondreau, Jill Weaver

* Denotes Co-Chairs 


Past Presidents 

1975-77  LaVerne Joyce 
1977-79  Marjorie Riley 
1979-81  Dorothy Birmingham 
1981-83  Grace Cunningham 
1983-84  Dorothy Hockenberger
1984-85  Dorothy Birmingham 
1985-87  Marion Anundson 
1987-88  Frieda Cooper 
1989-90  Edna Rosenfield 
1991-92  Dorothy Birmingham 
1993-94  Naomi Brewer 
1995-96  Betty Wells 
1997-98  Anna Golden 
1999-02  Marjorie VanderKruik 
2002-04  Dottie Kernaghan 
2004-06  Susanne Quattro 
2006-08  Kathleen Soronen 
2008-12  Carlene Sharples 
2012-Present  Marty Kendall


Honorary and Lifetime Members 
Naomi Brewer

Stephen Brown

Donna Cook

Dottie Kernaghan

Margit Logan

Susanne Quattro

Marjorie VanderKruik


Community Projects 

Museum of the Island, Phillips Park, 

Bokeelia Post Office        

Beacon of Hope

                            SJCCA & Kiwanis Park                               

Pine Island Elementary School

Philanthropic endeavors (See Back Cover)

20th Annual Garden Gala 
Saturday February 19, 2022 
Gala Chairperson: Beth Smith, 410.336.0262 

Gala History 

In 2001, three Garden Club members got together to brainstorm ways to make money to support Phillips Park improvements and provide funds for other Pine Island Community needs.

It was decided to showcase Phillips Park by having an “old town” style festival featuring local nurseries and arts and crafts made by local artists. It was so small that the music came from a boom box stuck up in a tree! It was so successful that that the tradition has continued each year.

Today, we feature local nurseries including those that offer all-native plants, herbs and more. Members start plants from their own gardens so we can have plenty of low-cost plants that are happy in our habitat. It’s a great opportunity to learn from master gardeners and other experts, see local artists’ works, eat scrumptious food, shop for gifts or other treasures for your own yard. Island organizations are there to make you aware of their services as well.  All members participate in some way so come out and support your neighbors!


Field Trips

Arranged by Kathleen Hecksher

October 27, 2021

Pine Island Tropicals Tour

December 8, 2021

Echo Farms Tour

March 2022

Ding Darling Tram Tour

April 14, 2022, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Gardens of  Marti and John Kendall, Beth Smith and Bonnie Kellen

May 12, 2022, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Gardens of  Kathleena Hecksher and Joan and Phil Rosenberg 

Dates To Remember

September 16, 2021

Member/Board Meeting

October 21, 2021

Member Meeting

November 18, 2021

Member Meeting

December 9, 2021

Holiday Party

January 20, 2022

Member/Board Meeting

February 17, 2022

Member Meeting

March 17, 2022

Member Meeting

April 21, 2022

Member Meeting

May 19, 2022

Member/Board Meeting

May 31, 2022

Last Day to Pay Dues 

Useful Numbers

Calusa Land Trust 
Robert Ballard (President)239.770.0070 
Ed Chapin (Land Steward) 239.218.7531

Conservation 20/20 239.533.7275

C.R.O.W. (Rehab Injured Wildlife) 239.472.3644

FEMA 800.621.3362

Florida Native Plant Society 321.271.6702

Coccoloba Chapter 239.273.8945

Lee County Solid Waste  239.533.8000  

Mosquito Control 
Or 239.694.2174

Mangrove Cutting  (DEP) 239.344.5600

Pine Island Feed & Garden Center 239.558.5042

Pine Island Tropicals 239.283.4874

University of Florida Extension Service 
Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic 239.533.7504 
Florida Yards and Neighborhoods 239.533.7513 
Stephen Brown 239.533.7513

Vacant Lot Mowing 239.533.8895

Waste Pro 
Schedule pick-up of large items 239.337.0800


   Philanthropic Projects


Beacon of Hope


Calusa Land Trust & 
Nature Preserve of Pine Island, Inc.


CROW Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife


SJCCA & Kiwanis Park


Pine Island Elementary Outreach


Pine Island Food Pantry 















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