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Pine Island Garden Club 
Saturday, February 18, 2023 

Pre-Pay Registration Form


Phillips Park is on the west side of Stringfellow Road, just north of the four-way stop at the intersection of Pine Island Road and Stringfellow Road.


Thank you for your participation in the Pine Island Garden Club Gala. 
Our 21st Annual Garden Gala will be held at Phillips Park on: 

Saturday, February 18, 2023 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

     Enclosed are the vendor registration and vendor information forms regarding set-up on the day of the Gala.

     Please return the completed registration form with your deposit.  A copy of the park map with your space assignment and receipt marked“paid” will be sent to you mid January.

     Throughout the event we will be making public announcements to
promote our vendors, raffle and demonstrations. Please let us know how
you would like to be announced below.(Where you’re from, what you’re






If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

We hope you enjoy your day!


Beth Smith, PIGC 2022 Gala Chair
Phone: (410)336-0262



Pine Island Garden Club


Registration Form 

Saturday, February 18, 2023




Company Name: ________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________ 


City: _____________________________________Zip: ________________ 


Phone: ____________________E-Mail: _____________________________ 


List of Items you will be selling: 








*The fee for a 10x10 space is $50 plus 10% of gross sales over $500. The fee for a 10x20 space is $100 plus 10% of gross sales over $750.

Enclosed is my deposit of:

10x10 Space __________________________________$50 

10x20 Space __________________________________$100 

____I acknowledge the Club’s request of a donation to the Annual Raffle. Thank you! 

____I understand that vendors are responsible for loading and unloading inventory and display equipment.

____I understand that cancellation one week or sooner prior to the Gala event will require forfeiture of my deposit.

Please make check payable to:  Pine Island Garden Club

                 ($25 charge for returned checks) 

Mail to:  Beth Smith, PIGC Gala Chair

               3107 Bracci Drive

               Saint James City, FL 33956

 E-Mail: pineislandbeth@gmail.com      Phone: (410) 336-0262 

* Your deposits and gifts to the raffle and silent auction allow us to continue our support to our local charities: CLT, CROW, Beacon of Hope, PI Food Pantry, support of PI Elementary School & Kiwanis play ground.




Pine Island Garden Club 


Vendor Information

February 18, 2023

* Please bring your own table and chairs as well as a tent or umbrella if you require shade. Spaces for non-plant vendors are approximately 10 x 10 or * 10 x 20. More than one space can be reserved.

* Set-up begins at 1:00 pm on Friday, February 17, 2023. All vendors must be set up by Saturday at 8:00 am. Vehicle traffic on the alley and elsewhere in the venue will be stopped by 8:00 am. The Gala opens to the public at 9:00 am sharp. The Gala ends at 2:00 pm. Please plan to stay until the event is over. Do not take down your booth until 2:00 pm. Vendors who choose to set up on Friday assume all responsibility for materials left overnight. Security person will remain in the park overnight.

* We hope for as much variety as possible among vendors so please complete the list of items you will be selling. You may only sell items that you have listed. Booths may be shared. However, once the committee approves what you are selling, you may not reassign your space or change your items for sale without permission from the Gala Committee.

* The Gala is held at Phillips Park. The park is on the west side of Stringfellow

Road, just north of the four-way stop at the intersection of Pine Island Road and Stringfellow Road. Volunteers will help direct you to your assigned area.

* The minimum donation per booth is the deposit. We also ask that each vendor donate one item to the raffle. Please see our website (listed below) to see how the Gala contributions benefit the community.

* You will receive an envelope during the morning for the Gala for “cashing out”. Make sure to return it to our treasurer located at the children’s table before leaving.

* When you return your completed registration form and deposit your

reservation will be confirmed and your booth area will be assigned. A copy of the park map and receipt will be mailed to you in January 2023.

Thank you for participating in our Gala event!




February 19, 2022 
Pine Island Garden Club GALA 

On a “golly it's great to be here” sunny Saturday, February 19th, the Pine Island Garden Club celebrated its 20th Annual Garden Gala at Phillips Park. Hundreds of local islanders and visitors participated in its “Gardening For Health” theme. Over 70 vendors exhibited multiple home and garden products. Also to entertain were silent auctions, raffle tickets (featuring gifts from supporting local merchants) and spin-the-wheel prizes. The emcee, Herb Smith, enlivened the crowd while Frank Tuma charmed all with his island music and Pine Swine's Nauti Tiki tempted the participants with pork taste treats.  Garden Gala chairperson, Beth Smith, commented “What a tremendously successful gala, resulting from the efforts of so many of our members and local businesses. We raised funds for the Club's support of island organizations and had fun and camaraderie in the process. This is a day we recognize that Pine Island and its people are truly special.”Initial tallies conclude this is the Garden Club's best ever gala with net proceeds in excess of $10,000. These funds will be utilized not only to maintain the grounds at the Phillips Park, Museum of the Islands, Bokeelia Post Office and the PI Elementary School, but also financially support many benevolent local organizations such as the Calusa Land Trust, PI Food Pantry, CROW, Beacon of Hope and the Kiwanis Children's Park.


In 2001, three Garden Club members got together to brainstorm ways to make money to support Phillips Park improvements and provide funds for other Pine Island Community needs. 

It was decided to showcase Phillips Park by having an “old town” style festival featuring local nurseries and arts and crafts made by local artists. It was so small that the music came from a boom box stuck up in a tree! It was so successful that that the tradition has continued each year.

Today, we feature local nurseries including those that 
offer all-native plants, herbs and more. Members start plants from their own gardens so we can have plenty of low-cost plants that are happy in our habitat. It’s a great opportunity to learn from master gardeners and other experts, see local artists’ works, eat scrumptious food, shop for gifts or other treasures for your own yard.  Island organizations are there to make you aware of their services as well.  All members participate in some way so come out and support your neighbors!

E-Mail the President at      


or call  Marty Kendall  (239) 283-8175

Send Questions to 


For Website call  (941) 698-5000


MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY:  For direct online access email internet@pineislandgardenclub.org  or  call (941) 698-5000.

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