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2024 Feb 17
Pine Island Garden Club Gala

Thank you for another successful Gala team! See you next year!

2024 January Meeting
Speaker: Nancy Hook

Japanese Gardening Tools for Easier Maintenance

The GRASS SICKLE is curved with serrations on the inside of the tapered 7” stainless steel blade and has a wooden handle. It allows the user to reach, gather and cut stems in bromeliad plants, deadhead foliage and spent flowers, weeds, and shrubs quickly, with little effort. Theblade is durable and will not dull or rust, even if used in the soil to dig out small weeds. Best used with gloves for the first few weeks, as it is extremely sharp. One hand cuts with a slicing motion, while the other holds the items being cut well away from the blade, then disposes what is cut right into a bucket or tarp. It can be dragged flat along the ground to cleanly cut plants when done or pushed with the dull side to remove seedling weeds. Whenever a new plant is removed from its pot, use the tip to tease the roots from their tight circle to encourage growth in their new home.  Available from Amazon, the recommended one is made by SHANFEEK and sold for $14.99.  The HORI-HORI KNIFE is a straight knife with serrations on one side. This brand also has measurements on the side for depth, which is helpful for bulb planting. It is a bulldog for digging weeds, planting and division, but can also do most of the deadheading, just as the grass sickle can. Very rootbound plants can be cut down the sides with the serrated side before planting and when used like a saw, dividing bromeliads or woody astilbes and grasses is easier.  (Admittedly, a reciprocating saw is best for that chore.). The only drawback is the lack of the curve to help with reach.Available from Amazon, the recommended one is made by ATTICAN and called BLACK IRON HORI-HORI KNIFE.

I have used both tools in Florida and NY for years and they are always in my tool basket and reached for first. I have never put them back into the sheaths provided and feel that is less of a danger than pulling them out of those sheaths when new. Remember this rhyme for when to deadhead and your garden will always be neat: “If it’s brown, cut it down”!

Other tools that are in my arsenal are a small serrated knife for seedlings of weeds and a small takeout container for the dead bodies, which disturbs the mulch less and doesn’t reveal other weed seeds to the light, bypass pruners for larger branches and clippers for cutting flowers or delicate deadheading, a pair of gloves for pruning, either goat skin for prickly plants or nitrile coated fabric, which is cooler in hot weather for all other plants.When weeding or planting, my hands are protected, but able to have better dexterity when wearing a pair of clear one size fits all gloves and then a pair of outer black nitrile gloves. Bought by the hundreds on Amazon, each pair lasts a week and are used over and over. The inner glove is always worn, no matter which outer glove is being worn, because even if there are wear holes in the fingers of the outer gloves (and maybe can be prevented by fingernails not poking through in the first place), your hands stay clean. If nature or your phone calls, the filthy outer glove is easily removed and the clear glove is removed inside out. When you need it again, puff gently to re-inflate and the dry side is now where fingers go. They are available also at Harbor Freight, including their $2.79 green nitrile and fabric gloves, which are impervious to thorns and mud, but flexible and not too hot. Gloves are essential when reaching into plants where poisonous spiders and fire ants live.
Amazon has 100 black nitrile 6 mil. Made by TITANFLEX ( do not buy less than 5 mil thick for durability). Clear gloves are one size fits all and at any dollar store, Harbor Freight or Amazon. Useful for painting with an over glove, as well.

Lastly, a kneeling pad will allow you to weed and plant in comfort when staying in one area. If you are a squatter, it does wear on your knees and back. When attempting to get up from a kneel or squat, bend one knee and put that foot flat. Place the opposite hand on the ground or reach for a high object to grab. Push your tush up first and then your knee doesn’t have to work so hard to let your body rise with grace and ease. Reverse the procedure to get down again at the next stop.

Thank You!

Spring 2024 Lee County Gardening Seminars

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." - Chinese Proverb 









The UF/IFAS Extension Lee County Master Gardener Training Program.  The training comprises a thirteen-week class lecture series and hands-on training taught by UF/IFAS Extension Agents and Extension Faculty and will include topics such as ornamental plants, vegetables, palms, tropical fruits, Florida Friendly Landscaping, plant pathology, plant propagation, soil, fertilizers, pest management, and more. Taking part in this training is the first step in becoming a certified UF/IFAS Master Gardener Volunteer. In return, new Master Gardeners serve 35 hours of volunteering in Extension Lee County approved gardening projects within the first year of their certification, per the statewide program bylaws Volunteers renew their certification each year by participating in 10 learning hours and providing 35 volunteer hours each additional year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the UF/IFAS Extension Lee County Master Gardener Training Program (239) 634-3863.

PIGC Holiday Luncheon



December Beacon Bites Plant Therapy 



About UF/IFAS Extension Online Learning 

UF/IFAS Extension Online Learning is a central source for online training and professional development opportunities related to agriculture, natural resources, youth and families, and communities. These continuing education and non-credit courses and educational modules are developed by University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) experts. New research-based courses and modules are continually added to the catalog of offerings.

After September 28, 2022 - HURRICANE IAN
Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

Do your Part to Conserve Our Water Resources

It's dry season in Southwest Florida. Each year between November and April, groundwater supplies are reduced due to limited rainfall. Conserving water at home can help reduce the stress on our aquifers and keep wells from running dry.

Visit for tips on how you can do your part to keep Lee County's water flowing. 


Special thanks to the hard work of crews from all over our country who have worked on clearing debris, opening roads, restoring power, providing supplies and food!  The progress has been amazing!  



Lee County Property Appraiser Matt Caldwell announced the addition of aerial photography to the Property Appraiser’s website ( for access by taxpayers, appraisers, contractors and other interested parties.

The aerial photography was taken in the days after Hurricane Ian’s landfall on Sept. 28 and will help the Property Appraiser’s Office identify properties impacted by the storm.

Lee County Property Appraiser Matt Caldwell encourages all taxpayers who were impacted by Hurricane Ian to visit the website to provide staff with their contact information and describe their damage.

The Property Appraiser’s Office will use residents’ contact information to keep them informed about any changes that could provide tax relief.

Click here to read article


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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pine Island Garden Club Meeting and Board Meeting
Tony Mauriello, Florida Master Naturalist “The Amazing Gopher Tortoise”

Amazing Gopher Tortoise Resources:
Join Florida Master Naturalist Tony Mauriello for a series of FREE noon-time interpretive programs at the new Welcome & Discovery Center at Lovers Key State Park with park admission. Sponsored by Friends of Lovers Key. The Amazing Gopher Tortoise – Gopher tortoises have been around for millions of years, but today they are a threatened species in Florida and several other states. We will explore their unique characteristics, their habitat and the major issues facing these gentle and important creatures.
Nature at Noon FREE Gopher Tortoise Lecture - Facebook › events › lovers-key-state-park